Hotel-made bread

Homemade bread is baked every morning in the workshop attached to the kitchen of WOODSIDE dining. The bread is characterized by its deep aroma and gentle taste, making the most of the original flavor of the ingredients.
The hotel-made breads, which are slowly fermented for a long time and baked at high temperatures, come in about 10 varieties, including hard breads, breads and brioche. The breads are available for purchase as snacks during your stay or as souvenirs.

Business hours: 11:00-17:00 (closes when all the bread is gone)


Scandinavian-style patisserie in the forest

The numerous sweets created by our resident patissier are like works of art. The cut cakes are small and just the right size. The cakes are made with the finest Gotemba Sakura Eggs and Ideboku milk. You can take them out and enjoy them in your guest room.

Business hours: 11:00-17:00 (closes when all the bread is gone)


Heaven for Coffee Aficionados

Serving beverages (except alcohol) free of charge for guests staying with us, CAFÉ & BAKERY on the 1st floor of Building C serves authentic espresso brewed on a special espresso machine with the choicest beans. At the time of each guest checking in, we start grinding beans and brewing “welcome coffee” for the guest. Other beverages such as teas, cold drinks and wine are also available.

Speciality Coffee and Choicest Wine That Nurture the Nature

We serve freshly brewed coffee of choicest beans from the best growers, regions and harvest. Other beverages include specially selected wines and champagne.