Soul-Soothing Experience in Deep Green Forest Bath

A short walk on a forest path takes you to the unforgettable world of our “ONSEN” hot spring bath surrounded by a deep green forest. One step into our natural hot spring bath, and the tensions in your body and mind melt away, taking you to a bliss of supercharging your senses, surrounded by beautiful sounds of birds and refreshing woody scents. This is where you belong.

Hours of Operation

6:00-10:00    14:00-24:00

Hours of Operation


With each step on the 200m-long wood path leading to our bath house, you become closer to the nature, and further away from your busy daily life. You’re on your way to a newfound bliss.

Our bath is directly sourced. Its thick, milky water is full of health and beauty benefits, as well as superb heat retention capabilities.

The compact size of our all-cypress bathroom allows total appreciation of the medicinal benefits and the wonderful, soothing scent of cypress. The large windows extending from the ceiling to the floor enhance your “onsen in a forest” experience with a magnificent view of the nature.

Our bath is exclusive for guests staying with us. With no rotation by gender, guests can fully enjoy the warmth and benefits of Japanese hot spring bath.

If you find the quality of the hot spring bath too strong, soak in the open-air bath outside. Its fresh water (not hot spring) will ease the hot spring effects, as you relax to the beautiful sounds of birds in the spring, and a view of soft snowfall in the winter.

The open-air bath surrounded by nothing but the forest is a perfect place to stretch out and let go of all tensions in the body and mind.
Bathroom Amenities

Our special selection of shampoo, conditioner and body wash with wonderful natural scents is available inside the bathroom.

Hot Spring Water Properties

Our hot spring bath is directly sourced that was built using geothermal vapors from volcanic activity. Thick in texture and milky in color, this chloride spring with acidity contains calcium, magnesium and sulfate. It’s superb at health and beautification effects, heat retention and treatment effects for neuralgia (nerve pain) and arteriosclerosis.