As soon as people step into the grand forest, every single person naturally takes a deep breath.

That is a sign from the body that has started to sympathize with the natural flow of the forest and initiate relaxation without realizing.

This is the perfect opportunity to slowly let go of the nervousness of the mind and body which has been building up.

The comfortable experience that is waiting at the end when everything comes together.

Blessings of the forest

As soon as you step in, there is a different world.
Time that passes slowly.
Winds that blow through trees.
Smell of the soil and leaves.
Bird song that echoes in the soundless area.
Your breaths will become deeper and deeper with each breath and you will be able to feel your body connecting to the breaths of nature.

The aroma that touches deep into your mind.

Our original essential oil, complexly blending both Japanese and western blessings based on the theory of the five elements, promotes a realization to your negative emotions that have been stocked up without realizing and slowly releases your inner mind stress that has been building up.

Touch Therapy

The characteristic touch at könoha that surrounds your body does not only tackle the unconditioned body but also conditions your mind by releasing your worries and nervousness with helpful aromas.

könoha Signature


Combination of Holistic Aromatherapy Massage and Basic Facial. A perfect solution for relieving fatigue and stress of body and mind.

100min 30,800JPY (tax included)

Organic Facial

Basic Facial

Scent of organically certified skincare line touches your mind deeply and it improves your current skin conditions.

45min 16,500JPY (tax included)

Firming Facial

Recommended for matured skin which is caring for wrinkles and sagging.

60min 19,800JPY (tax included)

Body Treatment

Holistic Aromatherapy Massage

Massage with organic blended essential oil which appropriate for your current condition helps to ease tension of body and mind.

70min 19,800JPY (tax included)
90min 25,300JPY (tax included)

Herbal Compress Massage

Steam heated herbal compresses to help relieve tired muscles and weary minds. An Ideal treatment for promoting blood circulation

70min 22,000JPY (tax included)
90min 27,500JPY (tax included)

Hot Stone Massage

A sense of unity of warm stones and hand massage leads mind and body to ultimate relaxation.

70min 22,000JPY (tax included)
90min 27,500JPY (tax included)

* You may extend massage with additional 5,000JPY per 20min.

Terms of use

The day of treatment
For any treatment, please be sure to visit us five minutes prior to your appointment. 
If you come after the reservation time, the treatment time may be shortened.

Those who have an allergy, have an injury or illness, or who are pregnant must declare so in advance. Depending on your physical condition, some treatments cannot be performed. Treatments can only be provided for guests over the age of 16.

Cancelation Policy
Cancelation charges will be incurred when changing or canceling your reservation. Please note that 100% of the fee will be charged if there is no declaration of cancelation four hours before the scheduled treatment or no declaration at all.

For visitors
könoha spa treatments are availableto non-staying visitors.Please feel free to contactus for inquiry or reservation.


Operating hours  
17:00 ‒ 25:00

Last appointment time  

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