Do you pick up and drop off?

If you come by public transportation, get off at the “Hyouseki / Glass-Mori Mae” bus stop and you will arrive at the gate (parking lot) in about 5 minutes on foot. We will pick you up from the gate (parking lot) by cart.
If you need help (special assistance/ with too much luggage), please contact us in advance. We will pick you up at the nearest bus stop.

When is the check-in time?

It will be available from 3 pm. If you arrive early, you can wait at the cafe or free space inside the hotel. If you arrive after 5 pm, please let us know in advance.

If I came late, is that okay?

If it is past 5 pm, please call us when you arrive at the hotel. (TEL: +81 460-83-9090)
If you come by car, we will be guided to the parking lot. If you come by public transport, we will pick you up at the gate.

What is the checkout time.

Check-out time is 10:00(fore)/11:00(villa).

Could I decide to add on dinner on the same day?

We may not be able to accept your request due to seating restrictions.
If you are considering having dinner in the restaurant, please let us know at least 3 days before your stay.

Do you have any meals other than the French course?

The Japanese course menu (Kaiseki Ryouri) is also available. Prices start from 13,200 yen (tax included) per person. French is only available as a course meal. Please note that à la carte is not available.
In addition, room service is also available. Eel bowl ¥ 5,500 (tax included), sushi ¥ 3,850 (tax included), steak box ¥ 5,500 (tax included), wrap sandwich ¥ 1,980 (tax included), etc. are available. A 10% service fee will be charged separately for all charges.

Is there a shop?

Bread, cakes, and drinks are sold at the cafe. We also have a shop that sells cosmetics and aroma oils used in KONOHA SPA, as well as hotel original tote bags and tumblers.
There is a 7-Eleven 5 minutes by car. If you need something, we recommend that you shop in advance.

Is there a smoking area?

There is one smoking area. Please ask the staff at check-in if you would like to use it.

Is it barrier-free?

There are many stairs inside the site. In addition, you need to climb the outer stairs to reach the large communal bath. With your understanding, we can guide you to a room that does not use the stairs as much as possible. Please tell us in advance.

Do you have meals for children?

For preschoolers, we have kids’ plates such as hamburger steak, fried shrimp, potatoes, salads, and soups. It can be added for 2,750 yen ~ (tax included) + 10% service charge.Please contact us for more information.

Can children below 1 enter the communel bath?

Please refrain from using the communal bath for children who still need diapers. We also rent a baby bath that can be used at the shower booth in your room. Please feel free to tell us what you want.
(Please note that the number of baby baths is limited. We may ask you to return it after use.)

I am celebrating my/friend/family’s birthday during my stay, any unique service?

【If you ask for the service】Please let us know where and when would you like to bring out the cake (in a restaurant or in-room), the type of cake you prefer, the message and how many candles you would like to have on your cake.
For the birthday cake, please request at least 1 day before your stay; for the flower bouquet, please ask at least 5 days before your stay.

Do you have a TV?

We do not have a TV so that you could enjoy the extraordinary life and wonderful nature of Hakone.

Is there a room in the villa that can accommodate 3 adults or 4adults?

villa 1/f has 4 room types. The 4-Bed Suite and the Premium Villa Suite with Private Open-Air Bath can accommodate up to 4 people.

Is it possible to specify a room?

Hakone Retreat villa 1/f room designation is available for an additional charge of 3,300 yen (tax included) for customers who have made a reservation on the official website or by phone.

Can I have my meals at the Hyouseki instead of the room?

Please contact us as the available dates vary depending on the booking.

What is the difference between the fore’s DLX double room and DLX with a wood stove?

The room with a wood stove is on the upper floor (2nd floor), and the living room is carpeted. The DLX double room is on the ground floor and has wooden floors. Both are the same size and amenities

Does the fore Superior Twin (Hollywood Twin) have beds?

Hollywood Twin is a twin room with two single beds lined up in close contact with each other.

Can I use the Japanese restaurant even if I stay at the fore?

Please contact us as the available dates vary depending on the bookings.

Is there a restaurant in the neighborhood where you can have dinner?

There are several restaurants within 500m

Is there a laundry service?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a laundry service. In addition, there is a coin laundry about 500m from the hotel.

What is the type of spring water?

The type and efficacy of hot springs are as follows.
・ Hot spring quality: Sodium chloride hot spring ・ Alkaline, hypotonic, high hot spring
・ Efficacy of hot springs: Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, fifty shoulders, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, striking, crushing, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, coldness, post-illness recovery period, fatigue recovery, health promotion (adaptation by spring type) Disease) ・ Cuts ・ Burns ・ Chronic skin diseases ・

Can I Mt. Fuji from the hotel?

Unfortunately, you can’t see it. If you drive to Otome Pass for about 10 minutes, you can see it well.

What are the recommended sightseeing spots in the area?

There are many museums in the Sengokuhara area, and we recommend visiting museums and cycling. In addition, it is an area rich in nature in Hakone such as Lake Ashi, Owakudani, and wet cloth.

Is there a parking lot?

There is outdoor parking.
・ Price: Free for hotel guests and guests using restaurant
・ Parking time: 15: 00- noon the following day (can be extended for lunch)
・ Number of parking lots: 45
・ Valley service: None
Please ask the parking staff for the parking place. If you use the parking lot after 17:00, please call us to confirm. We will guide you to the parking lot.

What are the available baby amenities?

Bed guards, diaper pots, baby baths, etc. are available.

Do restaurants have children’s chairs?

There is. Please contact us as the number is limited.

Is there a dress code in the hotel?

There are no dress code restrictions at all restaurants and cafes in the hotel. Please feel free to come to the store in casual clothes.
However, please refrain from wearing clothes that make others feel uncomfortable in public places such as indoor bathrobes.

Do you rent a bicycle?

We offer a bicycle with electric power assist from 500 yen per hour.

30. Is there a site where you can find information about the climate and roads in Hakone?

Please see “Hakone Zenzan” operated by Hakone Tourism Association.
You can check the information such as
・ Recommended detour routes and real-time traffic information
・ Hakone WEB camera

Where can I use Wi-Fi?

It can be used in each room and various places in the facility for free.

Can I book a taxi?

We will make arrangements (reservations) from Odawara Station and Hakone Yumoto Station. In particular, please make a reservation for your return (return trip) as soon as possible.

Can I bring in alcohol such as wine?

We accept carry-on in your room. When you bring it to the restaurant, you will be charged 3,300 yen (tax included) .

Is there room for pets?

Sorry, we do not. However, it is available to have meals with pets on the terrace of the restaurant (reservation required).

Can I send my luggage before my stay?

Yes, you can. Please fill in the date of stay on the invoice.

What is the children’s rate?

The room rates for children are as follows.

[Children’s room rates] Children between 6 to 12 years old (with bed and meals *1) are 80% of the adult room rate
Children between 3 to 5 years old (with bed and meals *2) are 60% of the adult room rate

Note: 3 years old and over will be counted as 1 person of the room capacity.

Children under the age of 3 (without bed and meals) are charged 10% of the adult rate.

* 1 Adult-like meal menu
* 2 Children’s plate

Is it possible to provide halal & kosher meals?

Sorry, we cannot it.
However, we can prepare a menu that does not use meat, but please contact us 7 days in advance.
(We do not accept the request of the day)

Do you support Gluten-Free, vegetarian meals, etc.?

We can prepare a special menu, but please contact us in advance.
(We cannot prepare at the request of the day)